Wordless Wednesday – Winter Beach

I realize that most of the country is buried under snow, so telling you that it’s 75 degrees here and the beach is only a few blocks away is probably cruel . . . but I’m doing it anyway. If it makes you feel better, we live within walking distance to the beach and we seriously never go. I never thought it would happen but half the time I actually forget it is there.

I realize that is beyond pathetic and I’d tell you I’ve been too busy but there is absolutely no excuse for it. I’ve been testing out the Joovy Cocoon X2 out so I figured I could multi-task a bit. After school was out, I loaded up the Joovy Cocoon with sand toys, towels, books for all of us, and plenty of sunscreen (you know, because we still need it here) and we escaped for a mini-vacation to our little local beach. Laying on the towel watching my kids play, I realized that it was one of life’s few perfect moments, so I did what any mom would do – I grabbed my camera.


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