6 Little Green Steps to Green the Nursery

You’re expecting or baby has arrived and you have said yes to green cleaning, your budget is looking leaner and meaner and you’re doing what you can in your community but what about the nursery? A baby nursery couldn’t be more precious or important to green and Busy Mommy Media and I are here to help you!

1.  Paint the nursery with VOC FREE paint! VOC stands for volatile organic compounds and they smell funny are made from petrochemical-based solvents that off-gas and pollute the indoor air! You certainly don’t want this in your baby’s room! A great solution would be Olympic’s Premium Interior paint line but Green Building Supply offers lots of safer solutions and I promise your nursery walls will still be pretty in pink or perfectly blue, just safer!

2.  Consider an organic mattress for baby to rest its angelic head on. Why is this important and is it really healthier and safer? Actually yes because a conventional mattress is made with so many chemicals from foam and vinyl and your child of course lying on this mattress! An organic crib mattress is certified which means it is made of organic fibers, textiles and fabrics that basically meet non-toxic standards. A few years ago this was expensive but now as Green Baby Guide points out the options are as affordable even under $100! You can learn more about organic mattresses over at Healthy Child.

3.  Say yes to green flooring! Meaning flooring that isn’t sprayed with stain resistant repellents, made with flame retardants and glues and sealants that are made full of VOC’s (remember they off-gas and smell funny)! Options such as wood or bamboo are great for the baby or family that has allergies but if you want carpet check out Mowhaks green carpeting option!

4.  Green toys! Yes, toys that are safe for your little one to chew on and not full of those nasty chemicals. My favorite resource for all things safe for baby and family is The Soft Landing. From feeding gear to toys they have the answers! BPA, PVC, phthalate, melamine and flame retardant free! If you need to know more about how to avoid toxins, take their free eCourse ! When looking for toys consider wooden toys like those from Natural Pod or toys like B. Toys that are lead free and BPA free!

5.  Fresh and Clean, naturally. Babies make a stink and the last thing you want to do in your baby nursery is spray harsh chemical deodorizers! Instead you want to look for cleaners that do not have parabens, volatile organic compounds, animal by-products, artificial colors or dyes and are biodegradable. I’ve found Ausssan Natural to work well for those stinky nursery days!

6.  Buy used. It is okay to buy used bouncers, high chairs, changing tables and save a buck or two! It is the easiest and greenest thing you can do! Most items you don’t even need and will just collect dust or make the nursery look cluttered! Simple is best. Check out my latest article on ways to green the nursery and of course you must read the Eco-Nomical Baby Guide! A favorite of mine and one I buy for everyone having a baby!

For more green tips and ideas on going green visit, Sommer Poquette over at Green and Clean Mom. Her blog that makes living green fun and achievable! Join her over on Facebook and Twitter and check out her new My Mommy is a Blogger children’s book debuting the spring of 2011!



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