6 Little Green Steps to Green Your Travel with Kids

Traveling green with children is not easy. It takes effort and planning but if you’re smart you can do it and it will get easier with time! Here are six easy ways to travel green with your children whether it be a road trip or flying across country:

1.  Pack snacks! Bananas, apples and oranges are great alternatives and healthy. If there’s the urge for something salty choosing to bring a large reusable container for the family to share, cuts down on the packaging waste and it can be used to refill throughout our trip. This helps to green our travel and reduce our carbon footprint. It’s also thrifty.

2. Reusable Water Bottles equal green travel! I can use the stainless steel water bottles for water or organic juice and then wash and continue to use the bottles throughout the trip.  This helps to reduce waste of juice boxes or water bottles while on our trip. This is a very big money saver and it feels good to not add to the plastic bottles in the landfill.

3.  Reusable bags for on the go. I pack my reusable Chico bags and when we make a purchase while traveling I don’t need to use the plastic bag. Simple and small but it makes an impact.

4.  No Hand Sanitizer. Anything toxic is not “green” or safe for my kids. It’s easy to want to squirt their hands and have them rub the germs away but there are safer alternatives. I previously wrote about some safe alternatives and the dangers of triclosan in soap.

5.  Reusable Cloth Napkins and Silverware. Yes, pack your own! I know it sounds silly and like a lot of work but really, it’s simple. It means less waste. If you’re final destination has a dishwasher and washer and dryer (like mine recently did) this tip is very achievable.

6.  Recycle. If you buy something on the go, grab that toy your child must have or that soda at the gas station, resist the urge to clean the car and just dump everything. My trick is I put all things that need to be recycled in a recyclable plastic bag in the trunk and on our way home we stop at the recycling facility. The trip alone is most likely not at a green resort or driving a hybrid so the least I could do is recycle my waste and not add to the landfill!

For more green tips and ideas on going green visit, Sommer Poquette over at Green and Clean Mom. Her blog that makes living green fun and achievable! Join her over on Facebook and Twitter and check out her new My Mommy is a Blogger children’s book debuting the spring of 2011!


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