Christmas Craft Tutorial: Foil Tree Cards

Christmas Craft Tutorial{guest post submitted by Ashley of Our Family Stone}

We are a crafty household. I knit, crochet, cross-stitch and other random things, our girls are ALWAYS pulling out paper and crayons, there are stickers everywhere and together we love to pull out the big tower of craft supplies and create. It makes us happy; it helps our girls feel like they can express themselves and it makes gift giving for the Grandparents easy! It also kills many a rainy afternoon, and when you live in the part of the country we do, there are a LOT of rainy afternoons.

When Christmas rolls around we amp things up a little, crafting reaches its all time high. We’ve been baking (because that’s a craft of its own), making ornaments and crafting Christmas cards! This is a craft we’ve done before and one that gets rave reviews both from our girls and from those who receive the cards! Of all the different cards we make, our Christmas Foil Tree cards are the favourite. They include glue and glitter and everything messy – who wouldn’t love it?

It’s really not that hard, and if you put a disposable table cloth on your table (which I didn’t do in the photos…live and learn) as well as one on the floor under each kidlet it makes the clean-up easy! So why not join us, make 1 or 100 and have a great time! Just make sure if you do, to let us know. We want to see the pictures and hear how it went.

Christmas Foil Tree Cards


  • Tin foil (I purchase dollar store foil for our crafts. No sense using your good, expensive foil!)
  • Cookie sheet or cardboard (as a surface to attach your foil to) and tape
  • Poster board/cardstock
  • White glue
  • Sponge brushes
  • Glitter
  • Red and green tissue paper (cut or ripped into smaller pieces ahead of time. This is fun to do with your kids and then just put them in a ziplock bag till craft time)
  • Dish for watered down white glue
  • Sequins
  • Scissors and pinking shears
  • Black marker pen
  • Ruler
  • Christmas shaped templates

Let’s Make it!

1. Cover cookie sheet/cardboard with sheet of tin foil. Make sure all your edges are VERY secure with tape, you don’t want this moving around

Christmas craft tutorial 1

2. Squirt white glue all over tin foil and then use a sponge brush dipped in water to spread the glue in a thin layer all over the tin foil

3. Have your kids cover all the tin foil with pieces of tissue paper. Using the watered down glue (one part glue, one part water) and a sponge cover all the tissue in another layer of glue and more paper. This is a layering even, have fun with it! Just make sure each layer, including the last has a layer of water glue.

christmas craft tutorial 3

4. Once you’re done with the sponge brush and tissue and your project is still WET, sprinkle the whole project with a thin layer of glitter.

Christmas craft tutorial 4

5. Add sequins

6. Allow to dry overnight

7. Either use your pre-cut blank cards or cut your poster board into the desired card shape and size.

Christmas craft tutorial 7

8. Using your pinking shears cut a decorative edge on your cards

9. Once your tin foil is dry you have two choices

i. you can trace your Christmas templates onto it directly and cut them out, then glue them to the front of your card and decorate with stickers

ii. You can cut a piece of tin foil slightly smaller than the front of your card, glue it on, then cut out another piece of cardstock the same size as your card, cut out a Christmas shape from the over lay and glue it on.

Christmas craft tutorial 9

10. Allow to dry and mail!

We love this craft! Our family has loved the cards and it’s been excellent! The process of decorated tin foil can translate into ornaments, story pictures and all sorts of things, just use your imagination!

Author bio: Ashley Stone is a Mommy to two beautiful girls, the wife of a handsome husband, and the voice of Our Family Stone. She spends her days working with her kids in tow, baking, crafting, blogging, cleaning and trying to go to the bathroom alone. She started blogging 6 years ago because she wanted to feel like an “author” and to relieve the excess noise in her brain. Ashley has something to say about everything, pop on over to Our Family Stone and you’ll find that out!


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