January 28, 2015

Craft: Pepper Printed Shamrocks

Shamrock CraftSt. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and to celebrate we created this super simple craft that is perfect for preschoolers to school-aged kids. I love easy craft projects that use things I already have around the house.

For this project, we had some green peppers in the fridge that were slightly past their prime and that looked suspiciously like a shamrock when sliced in half. All we had to do was pull out some green paint and we had a fun project idea!

Supplies Needed

  • Bell Peppers
  • Green Paint
  • Construction Paper
  • A Paintbrush
  • A Paper Plate


Slice your bell peppers in half. Some will look more like 3-leaf clovers while others will look like a 4-leaf clover. Both are a fun to use in this project.

Shamrock Craft

When we paint, I like to use paper plates so I can spread the paint out and my kids can have easy access to it without risking spills. Pour a bit of paint onto a paper plate and lightly spread it out with your paintbrush.

Dip the cut bell pepper into the paint. If you have trouble getting full coverage, use your paintbrush to apply the paint.

Older kids can carve the pepper a bit to make it look more like a shamrock. Preschoolers can just use it the way it is.

Shamrock Craft

Gently stamp the painted pepper (say that 5 times fast) onto a piece of thick construction paper. Left the pepper straight up when you remove it to prevent any smearing.

Shamrock Craft

Your shamrock may need a bit of touching up if you didn’t have enough paint coverage. You can easily fix that with a paintbrush and add any other details like a step while you’re at it.

Shamrock Craft



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