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legoland3I have a lot of random memories from family vacations when I was a child. I remember hunting for crabs on the beach after dark. I remember a Hello Kitty drawing set I was given to keep me busy in the car. I remember playing elaborate made-up games on a playground at our hotel.

Vacations are a different experience as a child. Children notice things that adults don’t often see and they find joy in the small things. I try and remember that as I plan family vacations now as a parent because it’s often the little details that make the trip for my kids.

The new Legoland Hotel has not forgotten any of the little details and it is a dream for children and parents alike. My family has been anxiously watching the progress of the Legoland Hotel so we were thrilled to have the chance to tour the hotel now that it’s opened.

I’m biased since I live in Carlsbad, but I think Carlsbad is one of the best kid-friendly vacation spots out there. There are a lot of kid-friendly hotels but overall a lot of the hotels in the area are geared towards more of a resort experience. The Legoland Hotel is a kids paradise and puts you staying right outside the front gate of Legoland for a truly convenient vacation experience.

We were greeted at the front of the hotel by a Lego pirate. The characters switch out throughout the day so your kids can have a fun meet and greet with their favorite characters.

Legoland Hotel

There’s something to look at everywhere you turn at the Legoland Hotel. Even the front desk was mesmerized my kids, with it’s backdrop of minifigs. A Lego surfer riding a bike moved back and forth across the backdrop of minifigs and as he did, the wheels of the bike magnified each of the individual minifigs behind him. My kids could have stayed there all day long.

Legoland Hotel


As parents, we sometimes choose restaurants based on whether or not they have a playground. Admit it. You’ve been there at one time or another. The Legoland Hotel has a full scale play place in the lobby.

Legoland Hotel_140

If the length of time it took me to drag my kids away from the play structure is any indication, you may never actually make it through the gate of Legoland.


With so many great entertainment options available without even leaving the hotel, you won’t need to bring the entire contents of your toy box with you on vacation . . . not that I ever do that.

This three-story, 250-room hotel immerses you in the Lego experience. Just walking around the hotel was an adventure.  Each room is themed and you have the choice between Pirate, Adventure, or Kingdom.

I would totally choose a Pirate room just in case you were wondering.

Legoland Hotel
We weren’t able to get into the rooms as they were all being prepared for guests but I was able to peek at some of the great details in a few open rooms as we walked down the hallways. Each room has a separate sleeping area for up to three children and great little signs that say no grown ups allowed — what kid wouldn’t LOVE that! Each room is filled with Lego models for your little Lego fans to enjoy and a treasure chest that can only be unlocked once they complete a special treasure hunt activity finding clues throughout their room!

There’s fun little surprises everywhere you turn. My toddler loved peeking out the porthole on the third floor that overlooked the play structure in the lobby.


Even the elevator has it’s secrets. From the outside, it looks like a regular elevator, but as soon as the door shuts it transforms into a disco party! Lights, music, and a interactive floor will make every other elevator in your life seem boring.

Legoland Hotel

My kids have always been huge Lego fans so Legoland is one of their favorite places in the world. If you are planning a trip to Legoland, I’d highly recommend rounding out your experience with a stay at the Legoland Hotel.

Legoland Hotel


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