Free Printable Thank You Cards and Craft Ideas

{guest post submitted by Mina of Mina’s Journal}

Free Printable Thank You CardsAn inexpensive way to show your appreciation is with a Thank You card. Print out these cards to use as is, or get creative with bits and pieces you find about the house.


Free Printable Thank You Cards

Simple designs and festive colours, these cards will suit most occasions. The flowers feature star and dot patterns. Each download comes with one printable card and some extra images for those who want to craft their own cards.


Download Thanks a Bunch Card:

Free Printable Thank You card: "Thanks a Bunch"Download Thanks So Much Card:

Free Printable Thank You card: "Thanks So Much"

Craft Supplies

  • Thank You card downloads
  • Card
  • Foam meat trays
  • Scissors
  • White Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons, Beads
Thank You cards from Mina 2 Thank You cards from Mina 3


The Easy Way

Print the cards out on card, trim around the outer lines and fold along the middle guideline, and you’re done!

The Project Way

Loosely cut out the images, you can see in the photos there is a bit of white space around the flowers

Making a 3D Card

These cards look better in real life. Make your card pop. To add dimension to the card, raise the images with foam dots, tape or cardboard. I used small squares cut from polystyrene (foam) meat trays and white glue. It is kind of fiddly, so dab a bit of white glue on the back of the flower in the centre, pick up your polystyrene with tweezers, dab the polystyrene onto the glue, then turn the polystyrene upside down into the glue and place on your card. More About Foam Trays.

*NOTE: You will need Adobe Reader to view, print and save your downloads. Save to your machine so you can print as many as you wish and then get it out again for next year. All designs by Mina Keenan.

Card Ideas

  • Glue the flowers onto the card offsetting them slightly so it looks as if they have more petals and using the already printed image as a guide.
  • Colour the centres of the flowers, or glue buttons or beads onto them.
  • Decorate with ribbon. Tie into bows or use strips.
  • Draw stems, if using black card, try a silver gel pen.

Have fun with these! I was able to make at least five cards with these two downloads. Happy Crafting!

Author bio: Mina Keenan – so in love with paper, cloth and yarn. Crafted all her life. Main focus right now on papercraft – designing printables in particular. Mina’s Journal.


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