How to Homeschool While Working From Home

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So, you’ve decided to homeschool. Or maybe you decided to work from home while you are homeschooling.

Either way, the two  aren’t as impossible to mesh as some may make them seem. These tips will help you maintain a work from home job while homeschooling your kiddos.


Prioritizing may sound easy enough (at least the idea of it), your child’s education is of great importance and while making a living is important as well you’ll need to be sure to treat the two as they need to be treated. Your child must get their schooling completed and you can’t ignore that. You also don’t want to ignore your source of income, particularly if it is the sole source of income for your family. You’ll have to plan accordingly so that each gets the attention they require, and so that attention is quality.

Find a Support System

As a WAHM you know how important support is in what you do. When you take on homeschooling, a whole new need for support can present itself. Combat feelings of being overwhelmed or lonely (in either you or your children) by building a good support system. You’ll want to gain the support of your spouse as well as that of others who are homeschooling while working from home. Not only is it nice to have the support, but you’ll need the encouragement some days. Trust me on that one.

Enjoy and Exercise the Flexibility You Have

Homeschooling is wonderfully flexible and many WAHM positions and businesses allow for flexibility as well. Take advantage of that and don’t be too hard on yourself or too stringent with scheduling.
Depending on your children’s ages and what you are comfortable with, some options might be:
  • Starting off slow, working part time
  • Working during the day and homeschooling in the evening
  • Only taking jobs that do not require you to work at specific times
  • Working during naptimes or quiet time
  • Providing educational DVDs or streaming shows
  • Giving instruction for school work and then working while your child completes their lessons
  • Involving the children in your work, if it is reasonable (for example, teaching them to sew as you sew an item for a customer)
  • Having your spouse help children with some of their subjects or school work
  • Hiring a helper to watch children for a specific amount of time and/or on specific days while you work (you may even swap child care with another mom who also works from home and/or homeschools)
As a homeschooling mom and a WAHM, these are the things I’ve found work for me and I hope these tips help you as you take on homeschooling while working from home!

If you’re a homeschooling WAHM, how do you balance educating your children and giving your business your best?


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    I am not a WAHM, but I am slowly trying to get a blog going to earn money. I homeschool, and I am finding that getting on a schedule or having some type of consistency is great. Even if we don’t always stick to it, having my children know what is expected of them and giving them a list of what needs to be done helps so much!
    Lori´s last blog post ..LEGOLAND

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