Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

23 weeks pregnant

I should know better than to talk about how well things are going. Immediately after posting a 22 week update I went to my perinatologist appointment where I was told my cervix had shortened dramatically and was funneling.

I went from 3.6 to 2.7 in less than two weeks with cervical funneling.

Hello bed rest.

My dr. told me if things got worse hospital bed rest is in my future. That would be torture. I have no idea how I would make that work so I’m being good and laying low.

They had me come back for another cervical measurement the week after (right at 23 weeks) and things had stayed the same so for now things seem stable and I’m hoping they stay that way for at least another 10 weeks so keep your fingers crossed for me.

I’m told that things can change quickly with twins so I’m nervous but keeping my fingers crossed that we can tick off the weeks quickly. Each week makes such a huge difference and I’m really hoping to avoid a long NICU stay.

How I’m Feeling Physically

Physically I’m actually feeling pretty good these days. My sinus infection and pneumonia cleared up. I’m uncomfortable but not horrible.

I start to contract if I walk or stand too long but I’m not supposed to be doing that anyway so as long as I long as I behave myself I feel okay.

Weight Gain

I finally gained some more weight. I’m up a total of 7 pounds so that’s not where they’d like me to be at this point but the scale is finally moving in the right direction so that’s a start.

How I’m Preparing for Twins

Bed rest has sidelined most preparations. It’s left me plenty of time to research car seat and stroller options. I’ll most likely be using my Britax B-Ready with two infant seats in it for the first few months because that’s been my favorite stroller for years. I’d love to find a reasonable triple stroller option since my toddler will be just barely 2 when the twins are born but pickings are slim for those.

We finally made a decision on our car situation. We decided NOT TO decide yet. It’s easier that way. I can’t get out to test drive cars and while it isn’t ideal, we can take 2 cars whenever we go somewhere as a family for the first few months until we figure out what we want to do long term. Once I recover and get through the first few months we can reevaluate things. For now that takes one task off my plate.

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    Sonya Morris says

    You can add a stroller board to the Britax B-Ready for your toddler. My 3 year old prefers the stroller board.

    • 2


      I don’t think you can use that with the doubles kit on though, can you? I’ll have to check with them on that. I was hoping it would work like that but it didn’t look like it could connect with the second seat on.

  2. 6


    Wow, I did not know that the B Ready took twins… bummer. I ended up buying the B Agile double when mine were a little older and I love it! But one with clipons for twins would have been heaven…

    Also, you should check out the Twiniversity website and FB page. They are awesome for Moms of Multiples! :)
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