Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

26 weeks pregnant with twinsI’m a bit late on this update since today I’ll actually hit 26 weeks + 3 days (but who’s counting). Better late than never, right? I feel like 26 weeks is a huge milestone.

The numbers get bigger from here on out. Survival rate for the twins looks a bit more optimistic. For that reason alone I feel like I can breathe a bit easier . . . figuratively speaking only of course considering the fact that one baby has decided to camp out under my ribcage.

I’m trying to patiently get through each days but I’m not naturally a patient person and all patiences goes out the window when I’m pregnant. I hate the unknown. I feel like the potential of the NICU is hanging over me and I find that I don’t know how to plan for that.

How I’m Feeling Physically

I feel huge this week. I had a perinatologist appointment last Friday (right at 26 weeks) and both babies are measuring at over 2 pounds each, which is great. That means I’m carrying over 4 pounds of baby plus fluid and both placentas. It’s no wonder I”m already bigger than I was when I delivered my daughter! I already have maternity shirts that don’t quite cover my belly so it may be dresses only for me from here on out.

My cervical length stayed the same again this week so that’s great news. My perinatologist actually told me that he loves my cervix right now. Coming from anyone else that would be really, really weird.

Me, on the other hand, I’m not doing quite as well. I’m spilling protein so I had to have a complete preeclampsia workout. So far things seem okay but they are watching my blood pressure carefully and are threatening to put me back on blood pressure medication as soon as it even looks like it’s creeping up. It hasn’t been too high lately but my feet have swollen to twice their normal size. Good thing I’m only wearing flip flops now. Bending down to put on real shoes is just too much work.

My blood work did show that I’m moderately anemic and I need to start on iron pills. Those always make me sick so I’m not overly excited about that.

Weight Gain


My dr. still isn’t happy with my weight gain so she’s got me back on supplemental nutrition shakes several times a day. I’m up 12 pounds total. They wanted me to be closer to a 25 pound gain by this point since they aren’t sure how early I’ll deliver. I’m eating like crazy but my stomach doesn’t have a lot of extra space right now so there’s only so much I can fit in it at a time. I wish I could have this problem after the babies are born. I always gain weight while nursing. I just can’t seem to manage it now.

How I’m Preparing for Twins

Aden + Anais BlanketI’m not moving around much these days but I’m working on helping my kids establish routines that will help us after the babies are born. We’re slowly getting things under control (with the help of A LOT of decluttering). I’m hoping we’ll have good habits firmly established so that maintaining a half-way clean house won’t feel like nearly as much work when we have newborns in the house.

I finally made my first baby purchase of this pregnancy. I’ve been stalling. After loosing a baby in the second trimester I’m much more cautious now but now I’m choosing to believe that these babies are going to be okay. Amazon had a great Aden + Anais swaddling blanket sale this week (they still have some styles on sale if you are looking for some). My daughter is obsessed with her blankies. She’ll probably share just about anything else but she will not share her blankies. I snagged two of the 4-packs and am hoping those will be enough for two babies.


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      I wish I had this problem when I wasn’t pregnant! That’s good to hear your son was still a good weight. So far the twins seem to be growing well. My doctor tells me that with twins you end up with other risk factors if you don’t gain enough weight so I’m really trying but nothing I’m doing seems to be working.
      Rachel´s last blog post ..Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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