Preschool Art – Popcorn on the Cob

cornThanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude and food is a central part of the festivities. Preschoolers will enjoy making this simple preschool craft  as part of a preschool Thanksgiving theme.

Use this simple corn craft as part of an exciting preschool bulletin board in your preschool classroom or as a fun Fall family activity.

What You Need

Green Paper
Yellow Paper
Safety Scissors
Paper Plates

What To Do

Adult Preparation – Fill a paper plate with craft glue. Create a template by turning a piece of construction paper on it’s side and tracing one side of a paper plate vertically on the paper. Position the paper plate to form a point at the top of the template and trace the line down the paper. Cut out the corn husk shape with a flat line across the bottom.

Use the template to create green corn husks and yellow pieces of corn. Each preschooler will need two green pieces and one yellow piece.

Preschooler Participation – Have each preschooler glue the green corn husks to the yellow piece of corn. Talk about how dried corn kernels are heated to make popcorn. Have preschoolers dip the popcorn in the glue and place it on the yellow piece of corn. Let preschoolers fill the yellow corn with pieces of popcorn.

Create a festive Thanksgiving bulletin board with this easy popcorn on the cob craft or as part of a preschool Thanksgiving theme.



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