Printable Seed Packets

printable seed packets

{guest post submitted by Mina of Mina’s Journal}

My folks were great gardeners. When I lived further South my Mother gave me a fruit tree each year for a number of years. She said that later on, we would eat the fruit and think of her. Not that we needed to eat fruit to be reminded of her. She was a big, wonderful part of out lives.

Garden Memories

Fast forward some years, I was visiting a friend who had some gorgeous, burgundy coloured carnations. They were an old fashioned strain and highly fragrant. They were just like the ones Mum used to grow.

My friend gave me a few cuttings and now, two years on they are rampant and flowering wildly in the space I alloted for them.

printable seed packets
Download Plain Seed Packet 1

Seeds as Gifts

What can you give to family friends who garden? How about seeds? It’s a nice, cheap gift for children to give. Taking the kids into the garden to gather seeds gives opportunity to talk, learn and prepare a heartfelt gift.

printable seed packets
Download Plain Seed Packet 2

How to Make the Seed Packets

Trim along the outer lines.

Fold along the center of the packet and the lower tab lines.

Glue along the bottom and side tabs as indicated and join the packet together.

When dry add the seed details to the front, and maybe the name of the recipient.

There is also room on the back to add a message.

printable seed packets

Gather seeds, put them onto a piece of foil and fold edges over to seal the packet and preserve the seeds. Pop the foil package into the seed envelope and seal closed.

printable seed packet

Seed Packet Ideas

Print the plain downloads onto coloured craft paper to save ink.
Colour the flowers with coloured markers.

printable seed packet
Download Coloured Seed Packet 1

printable seed packet
Download Coloured Seed Packet 2

Make lasting memories with this gift! Happy Crafting!
Design by Mina Keenan
Author bio: Mina Keenan – so in love with paper, cloth and yarn. Crafted all her life. Main focus right now on papercraft – designing printables in particular.


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    This is awesome! Thank you. I am was looking for sweet, simple gifts for military spouses. “Bloom where you are planted” is a very appropriate phrase. These seed packs will make it possible for me to pass along inspirations without too much cost. Thank you!

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