Recipe – Orange Juice Pancakes

Orange Juice Pancakes

Some recipes are born out of desperation. Earlier this summer, I found myself facing 4 cases of oranges. Yes. 4 CASES.

We had family and friends coming in from out of town to see our new baby so we hosted a brunch. Planning food for large groups of people is not one of my strong points so the day before we started panicking thinking that we didn’t have enough food. So we went out and got more. Then we got some more, just in case.

Then, being the sleep deprived new parents that we are, we forgot to serve half the food. Which brings me back to the fact that I had 4 cases of oranges.

We juice them, ate them plain, threw them in fruit salads. Eventually we ran out of ideas. . . and we were a bit sick of drinking orange juice.

Orange Juice pancakes were an experiment that turned out to be a tasty success. Replace the liquid in your favorite pancakes with orange juice and you have a great twist on a breakfast favorite.



This is more of a technique than a recipe but it is an extremely easy twist on your standard pancakes. Make your favorite pancake recipe, substituting fresh squeezed orange juice for all of the liquid.
Add about 2 Tbs. of orange zest. Don’t leave this out. It makes an enormous difference in the flavor.
I throw in about 1/3 cup of flax seed and a handful of chocolate chips. Tasty, tasty stuff. You try my favorites or throw in a few of your own.

What’s your favorite thing to mix into pancakes?

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