Runaway Snowball – Preschool Science Activity

snowballThis is a great winter preschool science activity that uses a really cute poem. This poem is one that I used to use with my daycare children and it is such a fun way to teach about different states of matter. This activity requires very few materials but preschoolers love collecting a snowball and watching it melt. The next time you have a snowy day, take advantage of the snow to teach a basic preschool science lesson.

Supplies Needed

  • Blue Construction Paper
  • A Cookie Sheet with an Edge
  • Snow

Snowball Science Instructions

Type or print this poem on the bottom of a piece of blue construction paper:

I made myself a snowball,
As perfect as could be.
I thought I’d keep it as a pet,
And let it sleep with me.

I made it some pajamas,
And a pillow for it’s head.
But then last night it ran away,
But first.. it wet the bed.

Have preschoolers go outside and collect a handful of snow to make a snow ball. Bring the snowball inside and place it on the middle of the piece of construction paper. You may want to place the paper on a cookie sheet with an edge to prevent water from leaking onto the counter. Talk about what happens to snow when it gets warm. Ask each preschooler to guess what will happen if the snowball stays inside.

Leave the snowball on the piece of paper for several hours. Let the preschoolers watch as the snow melts and leaves a wet, darker colored spot on the piece of paper. Send the paper home with each preschooler to share with their family.

Activity Extension

Place an extra snowball in a bowl on the counter and let it melt. Preschoolers will be able to clearly see what happened to the snowball. Ask preschoolers to guess what will happen if you put the bowl of water in the freezer. Ask preschoolers to guess what will happen if you boil the water on the stove.

Place the bowl of melted snowball in the freezer and let preschoolers see what happens after it freezes. Fill a pot with some water and let preschoolers watch what happens to the water as it starts to boil.


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    Megan says

    Wonderful idea! I love the poem. Maybe you could put food coloring on the snow ball, half one color and half another (for color mixing) and use white construction paper. That way, when the snow melts the colors will be left mixed on the white paper! Just an idea :)

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