Shaving Cream Letters

shavingcreamPreschoolers love to experience the world with all their senses. Sensory activities are a wonderful way to teach valuable educational concepts to preschoolers. This preschool literacy activity encourages preschoolers to practice writing their letters and numbers by making it fun. Why use a crayon and paper when you can write in shaving cream?

What You Need

Shaving Cream (Be sure to get the foaming shaving cream and not the gel shaving cream)
A baking sheet with an edge
A preschooler ready to have some fun

What To Do

shavingwordFill a baking sheet that has an edge with shaving cream. For larger groups of preschoolers be sure that you have no more than two preschoolers sharing each baking sheet to prevent frustration.

It is best to provide preschoolers with a level surface that is at their waist level but preschoolers can do this activity sitting on the floor. Lay an old sheet o the floor under the baking sheet if preschoolers will be working on the floor.

Preschoolers may get the shaving cream on their clothes or skin. The nice thing about working with shaving cream is that it is basically soap so it is very easy to clean up.

Have preschoolers spread the shaving cream into a solid layer on the baking sheet and use their fingers to write with. Preschoolers can use their finger to practice writing their letters and numbers. Have preschoolers practice writing their name or a few short words. You can provide laminated word cards for preschoolers that have a few short words on them for preschoolers to copy.


Have Preschoolers draw pictures in the shaving cream. If you have a preschool theme that you are focusing on, encourage preschoolers to draw pictures related to the theme.


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