Turn Your Passion into a Paycheck

Far too many people dislike the work they do. It doesn’t have to be this way. Yes,    we all have an array of expenses to cover, but there’s no need to sacrifice your time and ultimately your happiness doing something you don’t love! Whether you work outside of the home and have a strong desire to be at home or you work from home and you don’t love what you’re doing, you can find that dream job that allows you more time with your family, a paycheck and great pleasure – or at least you can create it!

Pin Point Your Passion

Knowing what you are passionate about is key to finding work or creating work that is related to it. Maybe you love to design your own jewelry or just enjoy wearing it. Maybe you’re an animal lover, have a way with words or with children. Make a list of the things you do in your spare time (or would do if you had spare time!) and that you thoroughly enjoy. Those things are likely your passions and most of them are likely to have great potential to be turned into a way to make living!

Passion Turned Paycheck

Upon discovering the things you are passionate about, seek out WAHM companies, business opportunities or ponder creative ways you could turn one or more of those passions into a paycheck. There are plenty of business opportunities available that focus around specific types of products or services, some of which may relate to your passions. The WAHM.com website offers an extensive list of these companies as well as articles specific to each business op, explaining the basics of the company as well as information on how you can get started with them (there is typically a small investment fee). The businesses range from sales of jewelry, lingerie, candles, candy, children’s books and home décor to fitness and health products. You can find that list here.

Not only are your passions hobbies, but they are general things you care about and possibly skills you possess that could be put to use in a WAHM position. Make a list of skills and experience you have acquired and think about how they could be transferable in relation to your passions and a possible job position or business. Starting your own business if a position related to your passions seems difficult to come by is not as difficult as it may seem. If you have cared for animals in your home or volunteered your time to homeless pups and kittens, it’s safe to say you have some knowledge of grooming and caring for them. If you have children or babysat for many years, you probably know how to care for and interact with them. If you wrote superb college papers, you likely have formatting and grammatical skills.

Many WAHMS have turned their passions into WAHM positions and businesses, here are a few examples:

  • Article, resume and letter writing
  • Pet sitting
  • Home daycares
  • Mystery shopping
  • Jewelry designing or sales
  • Tutoring
  • Sales of baked goods
  • Photography
  • Personalized artwork and murals
  • Home organizing or decorating services
  • ….insert your passion here!

The list goes on and on. Truly, there is little that can’t be done from home and there are few passions that can’t be turned into a paycheck… if you’re passionate about doing so!


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      Del says

      Thank you Amy, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and congrats on quitting your job! It can be a difficult thing to do and many moms desire to do it but they’ve got to take that first step. It’s awesome to have the flexibility of working and doing what you love and still having plenty of family time.

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    Rory says

    I lost my job over a year ago and am currently trying to find a legitimate job working from home. So far, I found a few that pan out, but the majority of them have been absolute scams. Thank you for the article and the helpful suggestions!

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      I’m sorry about your job. I’ve found that when it comes to work at home jobs, they are out there but sometimes you have to be a bit creative. There are certainly options out there working at home for an organization but you may have the best luck creating your own job by opening a business or consulting. What did you do before you were laid off?

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    Del says

    I’m sorry about your job loss too Rory. And I agree, you usually have to be both creative and extremely thorough in your search for a work at home job. But genuine positions and opportunities are out there and whatever isn’t out there is a perfect opportunity for you to make it so!


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